Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ya ya yard sale!

craziness! thats what yard sales are. pure craziness! you know a couple of days before the yard sale God gave me peace about not making any money. i just had this feeling that i should be praying more broad than "help us raise lots of money!". i really just want God to be glorified in all that we do. so, we made around $300-$350. its not a lot for some but you have to remember EVERYTHING was donated. it was basically free money. all we had to do was sort it out, sit outside and get a sunburn. i have to say also that it was just a really good day. we got to talk to quite a few people. we are still waiting for our big check to come in the mail from aarons old jobs retirement account that he cashed in. i have started helping with the jr. high at church. its so crazy, i really feel more encouraged by the kids than they probably do from me. my next fundraising task is cookbooks. yikes! thank you so much to everybody who donated to the yard sale. if anybody has stuff that they still want to donate,the connerlys are having a yard sale to raise money for their adoption too. off to sew....again