Tuesday, June 10, 2008

thuper duper ecthited

well i think we are done with the hot dogs for at least a week or two. it was soooo cool to be a part of the action. i got to meet quite a few people who ive gone to church with for years but never "officially" met. in total i think we raised about $1000 for the adoption ministry. im not for sure where that money will go. i think we will get to use some of it towards our ghana baby but im not totally sure. we had a potluck at the vickermans which was really fun. theyve adopted from china and are just really encouraging people to be around as are the macduffs. the macduffs are courageous beyond my understanding. they have about 2 million children three of which are adopted from ethiopia. anyway we were able to sit around and yack w/a bunch of people whove adopted, are adopting or want to adopt. crystal and i are going to sell krispy kremes on friday. thank you God she and her husband decided that it would be "fun" to ride up to spokane at 3am to get the doughnuts w/out me. fun? you guys are crazy! but im happy! i am not a "fun" person anytime before 9am, so thank you crystal! i signed up for a lemonade brigade fundraiser and was among the first 1000 people to sign up so they are gonna send me a lemonade stand for free along w/100 cans of natural environmentally friendly pink lemonade for my little sister and my son to sell on the 21st for the adoption!!!!! heres the site with more info on it http://www.drinkcrayons.com/pinklemonadebrigade/.my mom and i are gonna juggle that with selling ice cream from the flannigans ice cream truck at cool desert nights. crazy! ive got my letters printed out finally. and im going to try and mail them this weekend while aaron and axle go to nathans graduation. im hoping to let everyone know that we are adopting so we can tell everybody who hasnt heard and hopefully EVERYBODY will be praying for our family. God answers prayer! if anybody has ANY fundraising ideas, let me know! im highly motivated. ok ive got a zillion things to do. i guess ill go get busy.

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The Connerly's said...

way to go with the krispy kremes! i need to get motivated like you.